Video Review: Mary J. Blige “Your Child”

Mary J. Blige looks through photographs at the kitchen table in her apartment in New York City, New York.

She stands against a royal blue background, wearing a red jumpsuit with a sequined matching hat.

In the lime green lit bathroom, she cuts her boyfriend’s (Leon Robinson) hair as he sits in the bathtub.

A young woman picks up a baby from its crib. A split screen features her boyfriend in the center with Blige and the young woman on the sides. His wallet falls from his coat and the young woman sees a photograph of Blige inside.

Blige stands on the lime lit roof of the apartment building.

Her boyfriend sits on the couch and talks with the young woman on the phone. Blige talks with two lawyers and walks out of the building. She parks in the lot of the laundromat and stares at the young woman. The young woman recongnizes her as she helps a customer.

The young woman knocks on Blige’s door. Blige gestures for her to come inside. Her husband notices the young woman’s car and argues with Blige in the dining room. Blige gestures to the young woman as she walks into the room. Blige places her hands on the dining room and shakes her head.

Rating: 5/5

Mary J. Blige waves hello to the little boy in the young woman’s arms. She asks the young woman how old he is. The young woman replies that he’s almost three years old. She adds that she hardly keep up with him anymore. The little boy says he wants to play. The young woman puts him down and takes out some toys out of her duffel bag. As he plays on the floor, the young woman tells Blige she didn’t know. She just found out when she opened his wallet. Blige says she believes her.

Blige confesses that she went to her job. The young woman nods, saying she was afraid she was going to burst inside and accuse her of stealing her husband. Blige says she wanted to know what she looked like. She explains that three years ago, she and her husband had been in marital counseling. She says she went to most of the sessions herself. The young woman asks her if she has made any decision what to do. Blige said she’s already talked to her lawyers. He’s going to be served papers sometime next week.

The young woman explains she met him at a party about four years ago. She says they were together at his second apartment in the city. Her family loves him and wants to know why he won’t marry her. She says she knows the reason why now. Blige says they can both do better. The young woman says she wants her son to know his father. Blige says her son is a spitting image of him. She apologizes for the heartache and says she can leave if it’s too hard. Blige says she has to confront him with her here. He has to be held accountable. The young woman squeezes Blige’s hand and tells her she thinks he’s home. Blige lets out a deep sigh and excuses herself into the dining room.

Director: N/A Year: 1999

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