Video Review: The Chainsmokers “Beach House”

Two young women walk into a laundromat. During the sunset, a young man pops a wheelie on his bicycle.

Drew dances on the hillside in the evening.

A steel door opens as a third young woman carries her duffel bag into the garage. She picks out her car.

A wave rolls to the shore. A boat rides on the water.

A fourth young woman dances in the park. A fifth young woman holds an umbrella as she walks across the street at night. A sixth young woman raises her arms in the air as she rides on a rollercoaster. A seventh young woman looks at the ocean while she stands on the deck of the boat.

Several people run from fireworks going off in a field.

Drew continues to walk on the hillside.

Rating: 2/5

Drew carries his laundry to the laundromat. One of the young women whispers to her friends. He overhears the young woman say “that’s not him.” They load their washers and glance at him every so often. He sits on a chair and points to the cover of one the young women’s magazines and says the cover story is eye-opening. Her friend leans her arm on the table and says her jaw dropped after she read it. She opens a bag of chips and offers some to him and her to other young woman. Drew passes by her and taps her shoulder. He gives her his phone number and wants to know if she wants to go back to his hotel. She says yes.

Whenever he’s in town, he messages the young woman. As far as he knew, she was single. However, she responds that she can’t meet with him and she has a date tonight. He tells her that it hope goes well. She says it’s the third date but she thinks she may introduce him to her parents.

While in New York, he texts a second young woman and says he can’t wait to see her. She sends him a facepalm emoji and says she forgot to clean up her apartment. He responds that he can’t wait to see her new apartment. She sends him pictures of her housewarming party and says she wishes she could’ve invited.

The second young cuddles next to him as they lie on her bed. She asks him if he’s okay. Something seems off about him tonight. He puts his arm around her and tells her he’s fine. She sits up and says she got the solo. He kisses her and tells her congratulations. She says she won’t be able to see them on tour, though and asks where he’s going next. He says they are going to Europe. She tells him not to fall in love with the other girls. He says he’ll always come back to her.

Director: Jeremiah Davis Year: 2018

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