Video Review: Chantay Savage “I Will Survive”

Chantay Savage talks with her friends as they drive around New York City, New York.

She holds onto the microphone as she performs in a club.

Filmed through a beige filter, her ex-boyfriend customer calls for her to come back as she leaves the table at the restaurant. She talks with three sixtysomething women at their table.

The club’s marquee states Chantay Savage – Sold Out. Posters of her hang outside the club.

Lit in Parisian blue, she records in the studio.

Through a beige filter, a stylist helps her pick her outfits at a clothing store.

People wait in line to get into the club. Her ex-boyfriend walks up to the bouncer and asks to be let be inside. The bouncer pushes him back.

She and her friends dance in the car.

Rating: 3.5/5

Chantay Savage puts on blush at her vanity. One of the servers brings her dinner. She thanks her and tips her. The server says she’s going to miss her performing at the club. The server adds her singing helps her get through the spoiled customers. Savage tells her not to take it personally. She started out as a hostess and waited tables for 4 years. She says one of her regular customers became her boyfriend and says that she’s still dealing with it. The server asks her to come back and visit.

After finishing her performance, she puts on her coat and watches as the bouncer tells someone to “go home!” She gets out her keys out of her purse and bumps into her ex-boyfriend as she leaves. She tells her ex-boyfriend to leave her alone. He says he has to talk to her. She won’t listen. The bouncer says he’s calling the police.

During the recording session, the producer tells her she’s doing a good job. He says he thinks she’s going to be a star. She picks up her purse and says she’ll see him tomorrow. A car picks her up and takes her to her therapist.

While she talks with her therapist, she says say her ex-boyfriend and walked away, still feeling like herself.  Her therapist nods and says she’s going to lower her dose and see how it works out. Savage puts the prescription in her purse and says she’ll be back next week.

The medication had held her together after she saw her ex-boyfriend sitting in her family room. She had been doing well. He told her loved her and she wanted to hide. She told him to leave. He said it was his home, too. She put her hand on her forehead, covering her throbbing temples. She had cried for an entire month and cancelled appearances at the club. It seemed like another version of herself, though. She had made it through.

Director: N/A Year: 1996

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