Video Review: Post Malone “Saint-Tropez”

Grass lines the mountain in Saint-Tropez, France. Post Malone stares at the Abbey of Thoronet while he stands next to his sports car.

He stands on the rock in the mountains.

Wearing a suit, he holds a glass of champagne and raps in the of the driveway of the mansion. He drinks in the back of a vintage car. The driver opens the door for him.

He rests his head on the hood of his luxury car at night.

Black-and-white snapshots show Malone standing by his car.

The cars drive on the road, leading to the mansion.

Lit in violet, he carries a sword and stands by a stuffed grizzly bar, waving its paws and growling.

He raises his glass and checks his watch as he sits in the back of the car.

Rating: 2/5

Post Malone stretches his legs as his private jet prepares to land in Saint-Tropez, France. His driver takes him to his car and tells him his luggage will be at the villa.

Wearing flip-flops, white shorts and a t-shirt, the billionaire shakes Malone’s hand and asks him about his flight. The billionaire gestures for one of servers to bring a glass of champagne. Malone accepts the champagne and talks about sports with the billionaire. Malone says he’s watched polo but never played it. The billionaire says he’ll schedule a session for tomorrow. He pats him on the shoulder and tells him to everything is at his disposal.

Three young women approach Malone and invite him to the yacht. He says he’ll go. While on the yacht, he dines on steak-frites. He dances with the young women and spills his liquor on the deck of the boat. Housekeeping rushes to mop up the mess.

Walking out of the bathroom, he cover his mouth at the smell of the microwaved TV dinners cooking in the employee break room. He overhears the female server compliments her co-worker on her shoes. Her co-worker exclaims she got it on discount. Malone leaves his towel on the floor and avoids the eyes of the employees.

Director: Chris Villa Year: 2019

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