Video Review: Camila Cabello “Liar”

Camila Cabello eats her sandwich as her fiance, Reese Kensington (Zak Steiner) says “I’ve been waiting for this moment all my life.”  He holds her hand, continuing, “I finally found my missing piece so one-of-a-kind beauty with a glow that makes the moon look like a sad chipped tooth.” She chugs her wine as he expounds, “with a sparkle that makes the stars in the sky jealous. I’ve never seen anything so divine.” She tells him “it’s sweet.” He opens a jewelry box with a ruby necklace and exclaims to her “Beautiful, huh? Now that I know there’s a God.” She puts her napkin on her lap and replies “congratulations.” Pointing his finger, he responds, “Congrats to us! I need my fiance to look like a queen.”

The server (Keiynan Lonsdale) drops his plate on Kensington as he gets up. Kensington exclaims “are you serious?” as she stares at her the server, who apologizes to him. Kensington continues “that this is an $8,000 suit worth more than your kid.” He turns and says “where’s my Bentley? I keep a spare in the back.” The server slips her a note while Kensington waves him off with, “It’s fine, it’s fine.” Sitting back down, he asks her what thinks of the necklace as he takes a bite of his sandwich. She says “I lo-” and clears her throat. She gestures for him to help her. He tells the saxophone to leave them alone as she dies on the table.

She wakes up in bed with her fiance on December 6. On the television, The Tea’s Tea morning show plays. La Flaca (Natalie Jimenez) announces “it’s tea time” and says “Camila recently paired up with billionaire Reese Kensington, heir to an oil empire.” Gordita makes an off-color joke. Tammy (Chelsea Brea) says “I believe he’s a great guy.” The two female hosts turn to her and say “shut up, Tammy.” She tiptoes out of the bedroom and runs around the house, holding the note from the server. She vacuums the foyer and opens some of her robe to show off her lingerie to him. He shows her another gift.

December 6 continues at at the restaurant. Cabello stands up, declaring “I hate this restaurant and I want a cheeseburger!” She walks away. Two men kiss and the cook erases a zero from the 100% sign on the patio. An elephant drops on her.

The third morning of December 6, she wakes up with the server also bed in with her and her Kensington. She stands in the lawn, wearing a pink, feathered outfit. Flamingos walk by her. Kensington opens a bottle of champagne and gives her the jacket.

On the fourth December 6, she says “I hate your parents” and avoids the elephants. She gets trampled by bicyclists. She wakes up screaming on the sixth December 6 as the notes fly over her. She carries the notes in her arms and runs to the fireplace. Striking a match, she drops it on the floor. The mansion catches on fire. She shrugs and gets arrested by the Truth police. At the mental instuition, she lies as Kensington asks her about the necklace during a test. She and her several patients break into a dance routine. She and the server dance together. Kensington exclaims “what?”

It’s December 7 as she wakes up in bed. An animated blue bird sings as in her hand. She reads the note from the server. La Flaca of Tea Time announces that Cabello broke up with Kensington for a busboy. She says she “went from woke to broke.” Gordita comments that she’s “more of a 5.” Tammy says “I like his smile.” Cabello turns off the television.

Rating: 1.5/5

It was Tuesday. Camila Cabello looks around the tables as she and her fiance, Reese Kensington wait in line. Kensington complains to the hostess that he made the restaurant’s name and he could end it with a snap of fingers. The hostess stutters that she sees a table. Kensington grumbles “finally” and indicates he wants their regular table. She says she’ll ask the person to leave. “Yes. Thank you.” With a sigh, he says people have no consideration for others.

As she looks over the menu, she glances by the kitchen and sees the server. She excuses herself and talks to the server. She says she’d really liked if he waited on them. He answers that he’ll have to tell the their server. She returns to the table and asks him what’s he going to have. He says a feta fries and an egg salad sandwich. Cabello orders her salad.

The server was the only reason she tolerated going to the restaurant. Kensington, their parents and friends were obsessed with money and status. The server had mentioned he was going to school. She had asked him “where?” and told him she was thinking of applying to colleges. Kensington had told her flat-out she had no time for it and she had events for his start-up to to help plan. His start-up was him fiddling on his laptop while playing games with his friends online.

She kisses the server on the lips on December 7. Kensington declared that she was trash. Her parents told her they were disappointed in her and cut her off. Her friends abandoned her. She and her server moved into his modest apartment together. She took college classes and waited tables at night. The server sometimes asked her if she regretted leaving her life behind when they were behind on the bills. She light a candle in the dark and tells them she’s never been happier.

Director: Dave Meyers Year: 2019

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