Video Review: Estelle & Kanye West “American Boy”

In black-and-white, Estelle dances with Kanye West.

She dances by a chair against a splashed paint wall.

Split in three screens, a young man stands, wearing a suit. A second young man wears jeans and a scarf around his neck.

She dances while a silhouette version of herself dances in the background.

She takes of a picture of John Legend on her digital camera while they sit on the sofa. He leans in to view the picture in the camera.

In a split screen, a young man wears a pinstripe suit and sunglasses.

Taz Arnold turns his head. Kardinal Offishall wears a winter coat.

In a triple split screen, a 10-year-old boy stares off to the left.

West raps while she dances in the corner of the background. Estelle moves to the front while West raps in the background.

Estelle stands against a patterned wall.

Ryan Leslie dances.

Rating: 5/5

Estelle lugs her suitcase and duffel bag in the LaGuardia Airport, searching through the people for her American boyfriend. She spots him sitting in a chair by the ticket counter and races to him. He kisses her and asks her about her flight. She says that she’s hungry and wants to get a hot dog from a street vendor. He puts her arm around her and says he knows of a place.

While at the restaurant, she says she’s finally in New York. She’s read about it and seen it on television when she was child. When she thought of the United States, New York was the embodiment of it. She asks if they can go shopping in Manhattan. She wants to walk into the designer stores and adds she even saved up to buy something. He asks her if she’s jet-lagged. She says yes but she doesn’t want to miss a moment. He tells her they can take the subway back to his apartment and rest for a bit. She’s going to be visiting for two weeks.

At his apartment, she says she’s only going to take a nap for a half hour and asks him to wake her up. He cleans the dishes and watches television at a low volume while she sleeps. Two hours later, she opens her eyes and notices it’s dark outside. She walks in the family room and sits on the couch with him. He suggests they can go to a few of his usual bars, if she is up to it. She says give her some time to change and she’ll be ready to go.

Her two-week visit lived up to her expectations. She picked out her future apartment and overspent her budget on clothes. She saw a Broadway play and learned the subway map. On the plane, she looks through her pictures of the Statue of Liberty, some celebrities she met and Times Square. It was a wonderful experience and she hopes to live there someday.

Director: Syndrome Year: 2008

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