Video Review: Tyrese “Lately”

Lit in Parisian blue, Tyrese hangs his head as he sits on the piano bench in his home.

A young woman sits on the bed, writing a letter in her notebook.

He slumps on the chair in the family room. He takes a shower. In the hallway, he stands on the metal walls, his white shirt open.

The young woman looks at her framed photo of Tyrese on her nightstand.

He writes on the sheet music as he continues to sit on the piano bench.

She sets the timer on the digital camera on the dresser and stands in the bedroom. Tyrese appears and puts his arms around her. She folds up the notebook paper and walks into his home.

They exchange their letters in the bedroom. He kisses her in the hallway as they dance.

Rating: 3.5/5

Standing in the shower, Tyrese realizes his relationship could be over. She suggested they write what they can’t say to another after giving him the silent treatment for a few days. He gags, his stomach churning at him possibly listing his faults and saying she was moving out. Living together had been a challenge. They had been fighting over what to watch on television and who was going to do dishes. She complained that he didn’t clean up after himself. He called her a nag.

In his seventh draft, he promises to be open be with her and include her in his activities. He adds that he doesn’t want to lose her and she’s the best thing to happen to him. He stares at his trash can, loaded with sheets of paper and starts over again. At some points, he had to stop and cry. He hadn’t ever told a girlfriend his fear of being alone or how he’d give his up for hers in an instant. Once he said, it was real.

He paces by the piano as she reads his letter. She walks into the room and tells him it’s okay. They dance and he says he’s going to be better. She smiles and says it’s not just him. She has to accept him for who he is. He touches her forehead with his and says it’s his turn to do the laundry. She kisses him and tells him he can do it later as she tilts her head to their bedroom.

Director: N/A Year: 1999

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