Video Review: Lizzo “Good As Hell”

A few women sit on the dryer chairs , leafing through a magazine or checking their phones while at the salon.

Against a pink background, Lizzo fluffs her hair and touches her jacket.

Lizzo sits in the chair as the stylist touches her curls. Another stylist checks a second woman’s edges. A third young woman opens the door and stares at the floor as she walks in.

The third woman cringes as the stylist picks at her damaged hair. The stylist turns her around in the chair and the third young woman mouths “wow” at her straightened hair.

Against the pink background, a young woman runs her hand through her braids. The third young woman touches her bangs.

The third young woman takes a selfie on her phone while the women next to her clap. A fourth young woman sits in the dryer chair, her hair in curlers and sighs. She flips the dryer and gets off the chair after reading a text message. A fifth young woman touches the curls of her perm.

She dances against a brick building.

Lizzo dances in the center of the salon as the young women sit in their chairs, clapping. A few young woman dance in the center.

Lizzo puts her up her hand and leaves the building.

Rating: 5/5

The receptionist takes the third young woman’s name as she walks into the salon. Lizzo says hello to her and not to worry. She once came in with hair going in different directions and says they’ll care of her. A fourth young woman gets out of her chair, her hair in curlers and asks Lizzo to read the text message from her boyfriend. She says to Lizzo that she won’t be going over tonight. Lizzo says he has to leave his mess behind. The fourth young says she might this time.

Lizzo asks her stylist if she’s going to hang out with her friends tonight. Her stylist smiles and says she’ll be there but adds she may be late. Lizzo says they’ll save some wine for her. Her stylist says she’s a martini. The fifth young woman exclaims she’s been hanging out too much with Lizzo. Lizzo points to the fifth young woman and says they’ve had some good times, too. The fifth young woman bursts out laughing. A young woman, wearing glasses,  grins and says they are going to get her in trouble someday. Lizzo handwaves it and says the happy hour specials can’t be passed up. The stylist giggles, replying that it’s more like dancing on the tables hour. Lizzo tells her to shut her mouth.

Lizzo dances as she gets out the chair. She takes the third young woman’s hand and twirls her around. She says she looks beautiful and don’t let anyone tell her otherwise. The third young woman answers “thank you.” Lizzo takes her credit card out of her purse and hands it to the receptionist. She puts some shampoo bottles and conditioners on the counter. As she pays, the fourth young woman announces she’s officially single. Lizzo says they are celebrating. She waves goodbye to the women and stylists at the salon. They say “bye” and comment that “you look great!” as she walks out of the door.

Director: N/A Year: 2016

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2 thoughts on “Video Review: Lizzo “Good As Hell”

  1. OMG! Did you see the DMs that Lizzo drunkenly sent? She was sending drunk texts to Chris Evans. Chis Evans responded in true Captain America fashion. I love those two.

    1. Chris Evans strikes me as such a nice person, too. He handled it well, too. I’d be freaking out.

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