Video Review: Marty Balin “Hearts”

A young woman stands at the bridge, waiting.

Marty Balin looks through his bars of his prison cell. He mimes making a phone call and touches two photographs of his girlfriend. He sits on his bed and picks up his guitar. He cradles it in his arms and sleeps next to it.

He and his girlfriend run on the sand. They share glasses of wine at the restaurant.

The door opens and he walks into a second cell.

He stares at the photograph as he stares at the photograph. Walking to the photograph, he takes off his shirt and sits in his bed. He sees his girlfriend slip out of her dress. They sleep together.

Wearing a jacket and jeans, he walks towards on the bridge. They hug.

Rating: 2/5

Marty Balin takes down the photographs of his girlfriend hanging in his cell and carries his guitar with him. The security guards escort him out of his cell. He was out on parole, his sentenced reduced due to good behavior. While in prison, he had wanted to attack someone over a cigarette. It was something to do. It was his girlfriend who had helped him through. She was his reason to keep going.

She had visited him once. He had requested it as conjugal but she said she was uncomfortable with the idea. He nodded and told her he could wait until next time. He complimented her beauty and asked for more photos. She told him it was good to see him and said she didn’t have any photos with her. She apologizes for getting him into trouble. He told her not to worry. She was telling the truth. He wasn’t expecting her to lie for him.

Her then-boyfriend had the beating coming to him. He was an arrogant guy and Balin didn’t like him. Her boyfriend had told him to get away from them and leave them alone. He punched him out. People called him for stop as blood poured from her boyfriend’s mouth. But he had to learn. He was pulled off by someone. Her boyfriend was taken away in ambulance.

As he gets on the bus, he looks up his girlfriend’s address. She was the first person he wanted to see.

Director: N/A Year: 1981

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