Video Review: Patti LaBelle “Stir It Up”

In New York City, New York, a ferry sails across the river. Taxis drive in several lanes of traffic. At the WKOF radio station, the on air light turns on. People walk across the street, holding their boomboxes to their ears.

Patti LaBelle sings into the microphone at the studio in the radio station.

A young woman puts on her headphones as she walks out of her apartment building. She walks by the Brooklyn Bridge and climbs down the hill to the sidewalk. She dances as she watches the train arrive at the station. She skips past a young man sitting on a bench on Hewes St.

The young woman runs up the stairs to the sidewalk. She dances with a thirtysomething man wearing a business suit at the crosswalk. A fortysomething man plays saxophone on the rooftop of a building. A third young man lifts up his girlfriend and swings her in his arms on on the sidewalk.

Dozens of people, including the young woman, open the door of the WKOF station and dance in the studio with LaBelle. LaBelle dances with the young woman.

Rating: 4/5

The young woman listens to her favorite radio morning show as she walks to the bus stop. The DJ asks Patti LaBelle if she wouldn’t performing the new song for them. The young woman gets up from to the bench. The radio station was a train away. She could make it in time. Maybe she could get an autograph.

She waits on the platform for the train. An announcement is made that there’s a delay. She taps her foot as she holds onto the pole. LaBelle starts to sing her song. The train starts to move 5 minutes later. The young woman eyes the door as she waits for her stop.

She runs on the subway platform and up the stairs. LaBelle finishes her song. The radio station was further down the block. Her sides cramp as she races down on the sidewalk. She reaches the door, out of breath and continues to listen as she stands against the wall. An employee tosses his cigarette and asks her if she needs help. She says she’s hoping to meet LaBelle. The employee tells her to give him a moment. She watches the traffic go by as she waits. The employee motions for her to come inside. He asks her to take a seat in the lobby.

LaBelle says she has to go. The DJ’s thank her for stopping by. She sits up and glances around the doors. The employee walks with LaBelle and stands in front of the young woman. The employee says the young woman was wanting to meet her. The young woman shakes her hand and says she can’t believe she’s in the same room with her. LaBelle says it’s a delight to talk to one of her fans. She watches as the employee leads LaBelle to the back as she leaves the station.

Director: N/A Year: 1985

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