Video Review: Why Don’t We “What Am I”

Daniel watches the ocean as he stands by the dock in the morning.

Several friends sleep on the couches in the beach house. Jonah plays the piano as Zach, Jack and Corbyn sleep on the rugs on the hardwood floor. Jonah takes his cup of coffee off the piano and walks away.

A message reads: “Last Day of Summer. The Day Before.”

Their friends wave at them from the dock as they ride sailboats.

At the bonfire, Corbyn plays the guitar for his girlfriend.

Daniel takes his guitar out of the trunk sometime in the afternoon. They walk on the sand together. Daniel performs for their friends at the restaurant.

Corbyn and his girlfriend roast marshmallows at the bonfire. Jonah’s girlfriend rests her head on his shoulder. Daniel and Zach play their guitars.

Back at the cafe, Jack talks with his girlfriend.

They continue to hang out at the bonfire.

Rating: 2/5

Jonah holds hands with his girlfriend as they walk on the beach. She says they are going to have a great senior year together. Jonah responds that he doesn’t want it to end. She says they’ll stay contact and remain friends. He stares at his group of longtime friends as they sit on the beach, talking. Daniel and Corbyn have been working on their music much more lately. Jack and his girlfriend seem to have some private issue going on. Back at home, he has applications for out of state colleges on his desk.

Daniel starts to play a new song he wrote. Some of the young woman whisper to one another. One of the young women asks him out on a date. He says “sure.” However, as they walk on the beach, he tells her he can’t be in a serious relationship right now. He explains he has to concentrate on his music and that his last girlfriend didn’t believe in him. The young woman exclaims that his ex was too good for him.

Corbyn’s girlfriend tells him not to go. Corbyn says he has to support Daniel. Corbyn’s girlfriend sighs and tells him to at least finish eating dinner with him. He kisses her and says he’ll be with her tonight, though. She says “it’s ok.” One of her friends asks her if she thinks Corbyn is going to be famous. His girlfriend responds with “of course!” Daniel’s current date rolls her eyes and says Corbyn is riding his coattails. Corbyn’s girlfriend retorts that he puts in the work. Jonah races over and tells the young women to calm down.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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