Video Review: Blanco Brown “The Git Up”

A cell phone beeps on a table. Blanco Brown opens his eyes in bed and laughs.

He walks on the sidewalk with his friends.

Back in his bedroom, he reads a text message from his friend, telling him to “git up and be great son.” He sits at his keyboard and taps on the keys.

Brown and his friends dance on the sidewalk.

At the diner, he sits at a table and watches a video on TikTok.

As Brown dances on the sidewalk, the young man from the video gets up from the bench and dances.

A firefighter hands Brown a hat and they dance in the station.

He dances with the senior citizens at the community center. They sit and talk with him.

A group of people run onto the field. Brown and the people dance.

Brown sings into the microphone in his apartment.

Confetti flies over the people and Brown as they stand in the field.

Rating: 1/5

Blanco Brown turns on music at the community center. He demonstrates the step of a dance and asks them if they can follow along. A seventysomething moves her arms above her head as she pushes her walker. The eightysomething men shuffle their feet. Blanco asks the the seventysomething man to join in with them. The seventysomething man crosses his arms and tells him to “go away!” Brown shrugs it off and tells him he join in whenever he can.

The eightysomething woman almost falls over. He rushes over to catch her and rubs his back as he returns to the front. She says he’s a good man and he suggests that she take a break for a little while. She says she wants to dance. Brown leads her to the stair and she shrugs his arm off and tells her to leave her alone. He sits her down and says she needs a rest. Blanco turns off the music and says he thinks everyone should give themselves a breather.

He walks out of the center and into his car during his break. Shifting in his seat, he struggles to find a comfortable position. He calls up his chiropractor and schedules an appointment. Although he loves helping people, his health was taking its toll. His back was hurting almost daily now. Surgery is inevitable. He checks his social media on his phone and walks back into the building.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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