Video Review: Camila Cabello “Shameless”

Camila Cabello tells her sins to the priest in the confessional.

Wearing a red strapless dress, she stands in the center of the room. Two lookalikes put their hands on her shoulders while others stand in line on the sand.

She turns around as she walks on the street.

She sits on the ground near a building.

Lit in a red, she watches a young man as he talks with another woman in the club. She stares into a fire. People reach for her as she rises into the flame.

In a white, strapless dress, she walks down the street at night. Men walk towards her.

A door of the building burns as she continues to walk.

Lit in a hazy red and royal blue, she runs her nose against the young man’s body.

Engulfed in the smoke, she touches her neck and floats. She screams as someone snatches her.

She raises her arms to her side and a fire starts to burn the confessional.

She and her lookalikes lie together in the sand.

Rating: 4/5

Camila Cabello clutches her rosary and says the Hail Prayer under her breath. Her lust must stay under control. The priest had told her she must save herself for her future husband. However, the wanting was overtaking her. Her veins were humming. Her skin was a match, lighting up at the mere thought of her crush. It was a continuous buzz she never wanted to lose.

Everyone knows. She walks into the club, staring at him. Her crush turns his back, determined to behave. However, she no longer wants to be a good girl. She runs into him by the bar and he drops his glass. She whispers to him to kiss her. He says into her that he can’t, it’s not right. She says she doesn’t care.

She walks on the street, still an innocent. Young men wink at her and ask her out. She continues to search for her crush. He leans against the building, near the bicycle rack. She runs to the building and takes his arm into the building. She takes off his shirt and kisses his chest. He says he couldn’t take it anymore. She responds, between kisses, for him not to stop.

She lies in bed, awake, digging her nails into her sheet as she craves him. Rolling over, she catches her breath and listens to her rapid heartbeat against her chest.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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