Video Review: Jason Derulo “Whatcha Say”

Jason Derulo knocks on the door of his girlfriend’s apartment. He looks out the window of the stairwell.

He and his girlfriend cuddle on at a party.

His girlfriend leans against the wall of the building while Derulo looks into her eyes. He kisses her.

He dances on the fire escape.

A young woman glances over at Derulo. Someone looks through the vinyl collection. The young woman sits next to Derulo on the couch and smirks at his girlfriend. His girlfriend glares at him and gets up from the couch.

His girlfriend cries in the bathroom. She turns on the knob on the door as he leans against it.

Rating: 2.5/5

Jason Derulo wasn’t going to give up. However, his girlfriend seemed to stop caring. He was determined to prove to her that he was faithful. The other young woman contacted him and he told her to leave alone. Her last response to him was: “just try it.” But the other woman was wrong. He was not going to be that type of guy.

However, his girlfriend seems to be have pulled back since they got back together. She goes out with her friends  more often and outright says “no” when he asks her to come over. It wasn’t like her to reject any plans. At the diner, he says he wants to be here. But he isn’t sure about here. He says the other woman meant nothing. She shakes her head and says the cheating changed her opinion of him. She realized no matter how attentive she was or smiled through family events with his parents, it wasn’t enough. He says he can’t convince her to love him again. She says she does love him, which makes it even harder.

Derulo texts back the other young woman. She responds “knew you’d be back” and ask him what’s going on. He says he’s home early after his date. They talk for a few hours. She says he has to make a decision. He tells her he has to go.

Director: N/A Year: 2009

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