Video Review: Amerie “Touch”

A rattlesnake hisses at Amerie as she walks by it in the forest. She crawls on the ground and dances barefoot with several young women.

She runs her along the raspberry red wall. At plate of sushi sits untouched as she sits inside a Japanese restaurant.

She peeks through a pile of tree limbs in the forest.

In a raspberry red lit club, she dances on a platform on the top floor. The people dance by the railings.

Wearing a silver tank top and skirt, she dances in another club. She lies on a maroon platform and touches the beige ceiling.

She and the dancers walk out of the forest.

Rating: 3.5/5

At camp, an elephant roars near the fence. Amerie sits up and watches the elephant walk with its babies. Her friend tells her they need to rest for a few hours. Amerie says she can’t sleep. It’s the only time she’s going to be able to experience seeing the animals. Her friend says they still have a few more days in South Africa. Amerie slides back into the tent.

She orders some sushi in Japan. Her friend squishes her face as she takes a bite. Amerie grins as her friend swallows the fish and says it was excellent. Amerie tries some raw squid and  asks her friend if she wants to try some. Her friend eats her sushi and says absolutely not. Amerie says they are going to have to stop to buy some food for the cats. Her friend says it’s she can’t wait to pet the cats. Amerie exclaims that she loves Cat Island.

Back at home, she flies onto the main platform at the club. She dances in front of the crowd. It seems as though she’s going to fall at any moment. Her friend urges for her to get back down. Amerie kicks up her leg and almost trips. A young man says he’ll be right there. Amerie sits on the platform and waits for him. The adrenaline was still pumping in her body as the young man helps her up. She looks down at the floor below and freezes. She says to the young man that she just realized what had happened. He tells her she’s fine and walk with him. She tells him she’ll see him next week. He tells her to be careful.

Director: Chris Robinson Year: 2005

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