Video Review: Blake Shelton & Trace Adkins “Hell Right”

At night, a young man pets his horse in the field. Two twentysomething man jump out of a pickup truck.  A fortysomething man pours gas on the fire.

Trace Adkins turns his head around and watches a twentysomething couple dance under a candy red arch. He talks and drinks beer with Shelton over the back of a pickup truck.

People line dance in the field. Four men arrive, riding their horses. A 17-year-old swings his lasso.

Lit in candy apple red, a third twentysomething man makes out with a young woman in the barn. Shelton throws some melons at a tree. Some young men climb a fence. A fifth young man rides a bull. A fiftysomething man aims a flaming arrow at a tree. Several fortysomething man catch catfish in the lake.

Shelton walks by the drunk people lying on the field. He watches a young man stand on top of his horse and swing his lasso. He gets into his truck

Rating: 2/5

Trace Adkins shows a 17-year-old young man his high school state championship ring. Adkins tells him he ran some great plays during the game. The 17-year-old young man says “thanks sir.” Adkins turns to Shelton says that young man is going to be in the NFL in a few years. Shelton drinks his beer and says those were the days. Shelton adds that he liked playing. He was a star for four years. Adkins says he lost track of how many girlfriends he had. Shelton he had a special girlfriend out of the few.

Shelton explains that he’s glad that social media wasn’t around when he was a kid. Adkins guffaws and says he’d end uploading some drunken video. Shelton says none of the kids want to take the risk nowadays. They are too worried about everything. Adkins states the teachers think it’s fun and look forward to it.

A twentysomething man remarks to Shelton and Adkins that it was an awesome game. He says they are going to State this year. Shelton offers him a beer and says he was rooting for him back when he was the quarterback. The twentysomething man says he partied through his first two semesters of college and wasn’t able to to play after failing all his classes. Adkins tells him he’ll figure it out. The twentysomething man says he found a job in town. Adkins says good for him. The twentysomething man says college wasn’t for him, anyhow. Adkins shrugs and says he didn’t really want to be one of those elite people.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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