Video Review: P!nk & Khalid “Hurts 2B Human”

Inside an apartment building. a 15-year-old young woman plays the guitar in her bedroom. On the floor above her, a couple talks at the table. P!nk looks through the curtains.  A thirtysomething woman works on a painting next to her. A twentysomething woman looks at her phone while her boyfriend sits on the bed.

P!nk puts her head into her hands. The couple argues while sitting at the table. A 14-year-old young woman sits against the cabinet and checks her phone. She places her phone on the floor and puts her hand her eyes. A 16-year-old young woman rides her skateboard while the news, people protest and pay their respects for the victims at the memorial. Khalid paces in his bedroom.

A thirtysomething man smiles at his baby. A fortysomething couple dance while the man’s mother watches them in her wheelchair. The twentysomething woman puts on a hat and dances while her boyfriend and friend sit on the bed. A 15-year-old young man sits next to the 14-year-old young woman in the kitchen. He puts his arm around her as she cries.

Cars drive on the road. The young man touches his girlfriend’s hair as he leans against the dinner table. The 15-year-old young and 14-year-old young man laugh. The fortysomething man dances with his mother.

In a split screen, P!nk sits on her couch while Khalid continues to pace in his bedroom.

P!nk and Khalid pass each other in the hallway of the building.

Rating: 3.5/5

The 15-year-old young woman puts her guitar in the closet. Every night, she shut off the television and practiced playing the guitar. She watched the tutorials on  Youtube and bought some books to help her learn the chords. It was getting her nowhere. Her mom asks her if something happened to her guitar. She says she hates it and can’t even play a verse of a song. Her mom sits next to her on the bed and tells her she didn’t fail. She explains that she’s being too hard to on herself. Her mom suggests guitar lessons after school. The 15-year-old young woman says she’s willing to try again.

The 14-year-old young woman takes a breath. Her crush responded to her text message. She opens her eyes and reads the message: “I only want to be friends with you.” The 14-year-old young woman’s mouth twitches as she tries to not to cry. No one will ever like her. She won’t ever have a boyfriend or get married. Her best friend, a 15-year-old, tells her it’s his loss. He tells her an embarrassing story he heard about him. She laughs and says that she dodged a bullet.

The young woman says she did the best she could. She can’t handle everything. He shouts that she only cares about herself. He says he’s done and walks away. She sits at the table and looks out the window. He returns to the kitchen and apologizes to her. He says he didn’t realize she needed help and asks what he can do.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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