Video Review: Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus & Lana Del Rey “Don’t Call Me Angel”

A fighter jet zooms in on its target, the Townsend Agency. Miley Grande walks into the warehouse section of the mansion. Lana Del Rey walks through a plastic curtain as she carries her clothes. Ariana Grande stands on the balcony and talks on her walkie-talkie while fighter jets fly over the mansion.

They stand in the foyer.

Grande stands by the stairs. Cyrus hangs onto the ropes of the boxing ring. She bites on the young man’s ear as he sits in a chair in the middle of the ring. She and the young man spar.

Del Rey sits up her legs up on the desk in the surveillance room. She throws darts at the target’s heart and crotch.

They walk into the dining room. Del Rey bites into a handful of grapes. They toast to one another.

Cyrus hangs from the banister. Del Rey lies in a display case in the main lobby. She sits on the steps.

They put their arms around in the family room. Cyrus licks Grande’s face.

Del Rey carries a rotisserie chicken with a fork. They continue to eat the food. Bosley (Elizabeth Banks) walks into the dining room and tells them “Angels, this is not our house. Time to go to work.” Grande grabs a bottle of wine and they walk out of the mansion.

Rating: 5/5

Lana Del Rey checked supplies in the weapon room. She did the inventory and practiced shooting darts. In the lobby, she asked the receptionist if she had any extra work for her. The receptionist tells her no asks about her new co-worker, Ariana Grande. She says Grande is still learning. She says that Miley Cyrus has been pushing her to be aggressive. She says she been at it for a long time and sometimes, Grande and Cyrus make her feel out of the loop.  The receptionist tells her there’s a job opening up in corporate. Cyrus says it’s something to think about.

Cyrus boxes with one of the trainers and runs through an interrogation scenario. The trainer holds an ice pack to his mouth and tells her she did a good job. Cyrus apologizes for hurting him. He tells her he’ll recover as he stumbles. Cyrus grins and asks if she needs to call the doctor. He says he may stop at an urgent care on the way home. She watches him leave. They have been talking for a while. He has hinted at a relationship. However, she never gave him an answer. He couldn’t put him in danger.

Ariana Grande hangs out in family room, studying various scenarios. She wasn’t sure if she was ever going to get it. She notices Bosley point to the catering staff and instruct them where to put the dishes. Bosley must’ve had a business meeting and it was the leftover. She texts Del Rey and Cyrus to let them know there’s food in the dining room. Del Rey proclaims “dinner” as she sticks her fork in the kitchen. She says she’s going in the kitchen to find a container. Grande and Cyrus drink the wine. Del Rey avoids Bosley’s gaze as she puts her chicken in the refrigerator. Bosley asks her where she found it. She says on the table. Bosley says it was for a meeting in an half hour.

Del Rey walks into the dining room and motions for Grande and Cyrus to drop the food. Bosley instructs them that they have an ongoing case. Del Rey says they’ll search for new leads.

Director: Hannah Lux Davis Year: 2019

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