Video Review: Labrinth & Emeli Sandé “Beneath Your Beautiful”

Emeli Sandé sits on a table as Labrinth, lit in teal, stares ahead at the large screen behind her.

Labrinth plays the piano as she looks at him and closes her eyes. He stands on the stage.

On the darkened stage, he he hits the air. Aqua circles appear on the screen. He plays the piano as she stands within the popping circles.

Olive highlights the edges of the screen as they sing to one another in silhouette. Labrinth plays the piano in the center.

Labrinth continues to the play the piano as she looks to the right of him.

Rating: 4/5

Labrinth puts his hand on Emeli Sandé’s back and tells her she looks amazing. She clutches her purse and says she’s wearing old jeans and a ratty t-shirt. He responds that it doesn’t matter and grabs his keys. She says she wants to go to see a movie tonight.

As they drive to the movies, he listens as she tells him about her client meeting. She says she was able to secure the contract. It’ll add another program for the company. He asks her when the new program will start. She says they are going to develop it within the next six months. Labrinth turns into the movie theater. As they sit in the theater, he looks at her and wonders what’s going on her mind. She talks about her work and her family. However, she doesn’t say how she feels. He loves her and hopes one day she’ll open up to him.

She holds his hand as they watch the movie. He seems to care about her. She thinks she may have an extra month with him. He usually broke up with his girlfriends after four months. It’s the end of the fourth month. She wants to say so much to him but it may cause him to change his mind. Sometimes, it’s as though she’s the one who is investing in the relationship and tries to guess what his next move might be.

Director: N/A Year: 2012

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