Video Review: Shaggy “Mr. Boombastic”

As lights flash in the storage room, three young women swing their hair while they dance. Shaggy kicks open the door of his house. He stands in front of his house.

He checks out a young woman as she dances by the window. He stares at a second young woman as she walks down the hallway. She dances next to him. He whispers in her ear. Shaggy dances with the young women in the storage room.

A third young woman dances in silhouette in the hallway. He sits on the steps of his porch. The third young woman continues to dance in silhouette in the hallway.

Rating: 1/5

A young woman writes her phone number on Shaggy’s hand. She blows him a kiss as she walks away. Shaggy reads it and searches for a piece of paper. A second young woman grins as she hands him a pen and tells him she can help him with anything he wants. Shaggy says he could use some romance. The second young woman grins and says she needs to clock out.

She and Shaggy sleep together. Shaggy takes a breather  a moment in the stockroom and sneaks out of the building. Shaggy was perpetually single and called the shots whenever he met women. It allowed him to be fussy. The women who did not meet his high standards were ignored. Some cried in front of him and said he was a selfish person. He shrugged it off. He wasn’t with them to cater to their feelings.

A third young woman waves to him in the parking lot. He runs up to her and asks her name. She says she’s available. He shakes her head and says he can’t right now. He suggests later in the evening. The third young woman cringes and says she has an appointment. He tells her to break it or unless it’s off. She says she blow it off. He talks with her for about an hour. However, after talking with her, he makes up an excuse for not to come over. She seemed to be the type who expected a relationship afterwards.

Shaggy gets into the car and slams on the brakes as he checks out two young women in the car beside. They point to a parking lot and he follows them. They seemed less hung up on rules and boundaries. He turns into the lot and talks with them. He invites them over to his house and says they better show up.

Director: N/A Year: 1995

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