Video Review: Marshmello & Kane Brown “One Thing Right (Version 2)”

On a film strip, Kane Brown carries his guitar as he walks on the street. He drops it to Marshmello, who plays it in the field. Brown stands against a navy blue background with blinking white lights. Marshmello sits on the roof of a house. Marshmello plays the guitar on the road while Brown walks away.

Spinning back, Marshmello and Brown play baseball at a a stadium. They stand in the canoe while on the lake. Brown sits at the campfire. Brown and Marshmello work at a diner. Marshmello plays guitar while Brown stands with him at the beach. Marshmello wanders around the forest. They sit a picnic table.

Moving forward, Marshmello plays the guitar in the forest while fireworks go off in the sky. Brown tosses an orange from the picnic basket. Marshmello looks up at him as it lands on his head. At a ranch, they stand by the fence. Marshmello plays the guitar on the fence. Brown wears an apron as he stands by a grill in a backyard. Brown and Marshmello watch the fireworks.

Rating: 3/5

Marshmello feeds the horse a carrot at the ranch. Brown walks his horse to the stable. Marshmello says they have to come back here again someday. Brown tells him they can probably come back sometime in the fall. Marshmello says he’s glad to have him in his life. Brown responds that he wants the best for him.

He’s been thinking of the love of his life less. She was still in back of his mind, though. She loved horses, though. Part of him wishes she was with him. Brown had become like a brother to him in the past few months. They went to the lake almost every weekend and fished. They camped and went to a couple of baseball games.

Brown gives Marshmello a hamburger at the grill. Brown’s dad says he liked seeing pictures from the adventures throughout the summer. Marshmello says he had a lot of fun. Brown’s mom says it’s good to see him. Marshmello thanks him for inviting him. Brown’s mom says he’s family to them. Marshmello says he’s grateful to them and that it has been hard coming back home. Brown’s mom tells him they won’t let anything happen to him.

Marshmello finishes his hamburger and walks back inside the house. Brown says he’s welcome to stay with him if he can’t get ahold of his family. Marshmello says he’s going to try his parents one more time.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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