Video Review: Rihanna & Jeezy “Hard”

Rihanna slides her side cap down her face as she leans against at the bunker at night.

Wearing an Alexandre Vaulthier jacket, she gives order to the troops. They run through a drill.

Wearing a Bryce d’Anice Aime minidress, she walks past the minefields in the desert.

She shoots a machine gun towards the sky while her troops stand behind her.

She lies in the mud in the desert and rubs some on her body. She stands on a rock with a few soldiers.

She plays poker in a second bunker.

Wearing a Jeremy Scott helmet and a custom Pelayo Diaz t-shirt, she stands on a pink tank.

In the early morning, she carries her machine and talks with Jeezy.

Jeezy raps sits on a rock in the desert as the explosions go off.

She waves a “R” flag in the early morning.

Rating: 5/5

Rihanna shouts at one of the soldiers to pay attention during a drill. She tells them they are going to do it again until everybody understands it. For another hour, she demonstrates and pushes her soldiers to keep going. She dismisses them and returns to her bunker.

She sends e-mails in office and prepares for tomorrow. One of the soldiers sneers at her as she passes by. She informs the soldier to show her some respect. He may report her later. However, she wasn’t about to let him get away with what he said.

Some of the higher-ups refused to listen to her, despite her excellent record. She had earned medals and saved her soldiers from death. In the barracks, she fought soldiers off her body. Although it left her afraid and ashamed, she was determined to not let it define her. She wished she had said something. However, she had decided to continue forward as thought it didn’t happen. She had become withdrawn, though but was determined to finish her training.

No one was going to ever hurt her again. During training, she advises the young women to speak up and to look out for themselves. She makes the men aware of the consequences. Some of the male recruits ignored her. She was able to kick them out. Her superiors were impressed with her strength. She salutes them and says she’s only doing her job. However, it was built up from years of healing from those soldiers during her basic training.

Director: Melina Matsoukas Year: 2009

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