Video Review: DJ Khaled, Cardi B & 21 Savage “Wish Wish”

Two women walk by, carrying shopping bags from Fashion Nova. DJ Khaled stands by a burning building in the city.

Cardi B glances at two motorcycles as she sits on the ground. A fire burns on the scattered pieces of wood behind her.

At night, she stands by pole. Teal lights illuminate the motorcycles driving in circles around her. The two men spin their flaming wheels towards one another.

DJ Khaled stands on top of a car as people cheer. Two women look out the window of their apartment to watch DJ Khaled.

21 Savage and DJ Khaled stand on stacks of lumber. A bottle of Belaire sits on the street.

21 Savage raps in a neon pink lit room. A young woman stands in the corner. A bottle of Ciroc liquor sits on the floor.

Rating: 1/5

The Fashion Nova store had its grand re-opening. It had sustained minimal damage from the fire. The stores and restaurants across from them hadn’t been as fortunate. They had been a distance from the motorcycle event, which was the source of the destruction. The employees had reported it. However, the firefighters had a difficult time getting through the crowd. The fire chief had to tell DJ Khaled to settle down the crowd and that the event was over.

DJ Khaled stopped playing his set. The crowd erupted in jeers. He scolded the fire chief, saying he’s going to lose money and it’s going to ruin his reputation with promoters. The fire chief tells him that the people in the apartments are evacuating and they need to leave.

DJ Khaled tells the crowd they are moving over to the Fashion Nova building. People cough as they move further down the block. An ambulance interrupts his set as some people collapse from smoke inhalation. DJ Khaled shouts “nothing will stop us!”

Cardi B drives past DJ Khaled and the crowd. She asks herself “what is he doing?” as the firefighters maneuver around him. She texts DJ Khaled that even the Fashion Nova had closed. DJ Khaled ends the last verse and tells his fans it’s a great show. Cardi B opens the door for him and says it’s crazy out there.

Directors: Eif Rivera & DJ Khaled Year: 2019

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