Video Review: Vixen “Cryin'”

Lit in Parisian blue, Janet spins the microphone stand around on the elevated stage.

At the bar, a young woman laughs at the young man’s joke. A brunette haired young woman looks down as she watches them together.

Jan and Janet sing together at the microphone. Roxy plays the drums.

A second young woman pushes her boyfriend away from her. A second young man hugs his girlfriend. The brunette haired young woman watches the band play on stage and walks to her car.

Rating: 3/5

The brunette haired young woman sits at the bar and comments to the young man next to her that the weather has been really great today. The young man stirs with his drink and replies, “yeah.” He points to the stage and says he’s been listening to the band.

She walks with her drink and bumps into a blonde haired young woman. The blonde haired young woman side-eyes her and tells her to “watch it.” She apologizes and finds a seat. A second young man says the seat is for his girlfriend. She stands by herself and shuffles to the music. She smiles at a third young man. The third young nods at her. She tells him it’s a great show. He answers that they are hot. She asks him what he does for a living. He leans back in his chair and says he’s a banker. She sips her drink and says she’s a secretary. As they talk, they realize they have a mutual friend in common.

A third young woman walks up to them and tells her to leave her boyfriend alone. She glares at the third young man and says she didn’t know. The third young woman retorts with “now you do.” She tells the third young man it was nice talking to him and walks away.

She stands by the bar, looking at the band as they play. As much as she loved the band, she wasn’t part of their scene anymore. A few years ago, she had met a dozen of her friends at a show. They were jumped up and down to the music. They kissed random boys. However, she didn’t fit in with the bored long-term couples, struggling to get through date night. She drives out of the lot and makes a right. There was a dive bar she hadn’t been to in awhile.

Director: N/A Year: 1989

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