Video Review: George Ezra “Don’t Matter Now”

George Ezra walks to his garage and gets into his car. His dog follows him and jumps into the passenger seat. He smiles as he drives through the forest.

Three young women dance in a field during the sunset.

A young woman, wearing a striped one-piece swimsuit, smiles while at the beach.

One person knocks over a stack of cassette tapes.

Ezra and his dog sit on the mountain. A second young woman gives the peace sign. A person holds a vanilla frosted cake with “so what” written in pink icing. Ezra throws a drum over the mountain. Someone smashes the cake in the second young woman’s face. The second young woman puts a bandage on her knee.

A group of friends dance in the pool. Ezra and several other people jump in the air. A third young woman kisses a gnome and opens a jewelry box. A couple makes out.

A group of people fall asleep on the beach. A second young man reads while on his exercise bike. Ezra eats some cereal as he watches his dog run in the field. Ezra continues to drive in the evening. He stops his car and takes off his sunglasses.

Rating: 2/5

George Ezra gives his one-day notice at work. He didn’t want to give his boss the satisfaction of firing him. His headache began to go away as he walked out of the office. As he drove home, it dawned on him that he isn’t going to have any money coming into his bank account.

His mother asks him why he’s calling so early and he explains his boss kept pushing him. She pleads with him to ask for his job back. He says it’s too late and he already told his boss what a jerk he was. She says she’ll ask around to see if any of her friends need work done around their house. He says he’ll figure it out.

His dog tilts his head as Ezra packs a bag. He tells him he’s coming with him on a road trip. His dog barks. He tells his dog to give him 5 minutes. Finding another job was going to be difficult. He’s unable to use his boss as a reference. Worrying about it wasn’t going to solve anything. He whistles at his dog to get into the car. While they drive, he thinks of where he wants to go. There was the beach or his friend’s cottage. He turns on his signal and takes the exit to the state park.

Director: N/A Year: 2017

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