Video Review: Snoop Dogg “Sensual Seduction”

Circa 1979, smoke covers the stage. Snoop Dogg, carrying a guitar, walks onto the stage and plays between the two columns.

A disco ball turns.

Several young women lean on him as he stands on the steps.

In the night sky, a large star flies in the air. He sits with a young woman on a bed. Two women play guitars in large stars. He and a second young woman sit on top of a spaceship.

A third young woman waves her dress as she stands by a pink disco ball. He dances by an aqua crystal and the pink disco ball.

He plays guitar inside a ruby red glittery ornament. As he plays with the band, the image doubles on the right side.

The young women stand by him against the beige background.

Multi-colored outlines versions of Snoop split into the screen as he dances. He takes off his jacket. The image doubles. He dances with a fourth young woman.

He continues to stand with the young women against the beige background.

Rating: 5/5

Snoop Dogg smokes in the dressing room. He puts his feet on the table and exhales. Closing his eyes, he takes a quick nap in the chair. Twenty minutes pass and he turns over in the chair. The knocking on the door wakes him up. The stage manager tells him he has 5 minutes. He takes a tissue from the box and wipes his chin.

The host, his long-time friend, introduces him as the legend of soul music. He waves to his friend and performs. It was some new material. To him, it was some of his best material. However, it wasn’t sure what the reaction would be. He had been around almost 15 years by now. His record label had set realistic expectations for sales.

The host tells him it was a great performance. He responds that he loved being out on stage again. The host asks him to share some stories from the road. Snoop Dogg asks if he can be in a skit or two. The audience erupts in a cheer. The host says he has an idea for him.

He returns to the dressing room after the show and starts packing up. There was no hurry. The appearances had become few and far between within the last year or so. However, there was a bar he wanted to stop at before he left town.

Director: Melina Matsoukas Year: 2007

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