Video Review: NF “The Search”

NF pushes a grocery cart through a field. Black balloons hang from it. He stops and walks. Two men, holding black balloons. stand in the corners.

He stands by the cart. He pushes it again. Stopping by a swing, he checks to see if a third man is okay.

He lies on the swing and sits on top it, holding his balloons. He pushes the cart again. Men in white uniforms are scattered throughout the field. He stops by the lake and gets inside the cart. A man in white uniform gives one to him as he sits in the cart.

Rating: 3.5/5

NF couldn’t remember the answer. He shakes his head and says “no.” His doctor tells him it’s all right and there are no wrong responses. He says he knows something’s off. The doctor explains that with the evaluation, they will be able to figure it out. She asks him the next question.

He bites his lip while the doctor sticks a needle in his arm. The doctor says she has collected the necessary information. She adds that she wants to see him in two weeks. He rolls his hands in sleeves and says “okay.” At the receptionists’ desk, he pays his co-pay and schedules an appointment after work.

Although he knows something’s not right, he’d rather not know precisely what it is. He realizes he may need to take medication. But he likes the comfort of thinking he has some mild form of anxiety and that’ll it go away in a few weeks.

Two weeks later, he reads a magazine while he sits in the doctor’s office. He has prepared himself for the worst. The nurse calls him into the room. She says the doctor will be in a few minutes. The nurse takes his blood pressure. The doctor sits with him and tells him it’s not anything severe. There’s no need for hospitalization. He lets out a sigh of relief. However, she recommends some medication and to come back for therapy. He says he can do that.

Walking to his car, he feels better than he has in a year. He’ll be on a medication for the rest of his life. However, it’ll help with the constant shaking and mood swings. It’s going to be okay.

Director: Patrick Tohill & NF Year: 2019

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