Video Review: Kodak Black “If I’m Lyin, I’m Flyin”

Orange squiggles move over a Free Kodak Entrance. Kodak Black walks out of the store, carrying two bags. A police officer takes him by the arm.

A pair of shoes burn in a campfire.

Black boards a plane.

Back at home, he holds his son and hugs his mom.

Squiggles outline his body as he walks in his mom’s house. Four small screens appear by him.

He scratches the back of his head as he walks to the ocean. As he walks in the ocean, two yellow palm tree flash next to him.

The doctor works on his grill.

At night, he hands his son a video camera.

He sits on a plane with money spread around him. He talks with the cameraman as he boards another plane.

Rating: 2/5

Kodak Black and his son watch the video he made. Black gives him a high-five. His son he wants to be a director someday. He asks him if he’ll cast him in his first movie. His son responds with “maybe.” Black laughs and ruffles his hair. He tells him it’s time for bed. His son wants to hear a story. Black tells him to pick out a book.

After he puts his son to bed, he talks with his mom for awhile. He tells her he’s going to pack and that he’ll be gone for about two weeks. She says for him to call her when he can. Black says he will. She tells him that his son wants to know whenever he’s going to be on television. He says he may seem on some entertainment shows this time.

Black signs his check and buys himself some champagne for the flight on the private plane. He doesn’t ever have to worry about money again. He sends some money home to his mom and pays off his child support. As he talks with his team, he mentions he wants to go to an expensive clothing store. They ask him which ones. He says he doesn’t know, whichever one costs the most. One of his friends says a few names and Black says he wants to go to them all. He says everyone gets a suit on him.

Director: Stephen Hord  Year: 2018

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