Video Review: Stevie Nicks “I Can’t Wait”

Stevie Nicks stands on rose pink lit stairs.

She dances in silhouette.

Three people join her as she walks up the stairs.

She collapses on the floor of a tower and bangs her fists against the brick wall.

She sings into the microphone.

She and the four people dance on the stage. Lit in hot pink, she dances by herself on the stage.

Lit in cornflower blue, two men break through a wall. Nicks walks through the hole.

She continues to dance in silhouette.

Rating: 2/5

Stevie Nicks says hello to her crush and his girlfriend. His girlfriend tells him they have to leave now. Her crush glances at her while they walk away. Nicks puts her head down and searches for some drugs in her purse. She won’t ever let her have him. She knows they love each other but shames him into staying.

She wants out. Talking to him each day has become torturous. However, she continues to hang on and hope. Her friends know not to talk about it. They have given up on telling her to move on with her life. It’s not something she wants to do. If she can’t be in love with him then she can’t experience the emotion at all.

She sits with her crush as they ride on the bus. He puts his hand on hers and she rests her head on his shoulder. For an hour, they are a couple. She closes her eyes and dreams of their relationship. He nudges her awake and lets her know it’s her stop. She kisses him on the cheek and tells him she’ll see him in the evening.

Director: Marty Callner Year: 1985

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