Video Review: Joe Jackson “Steppin’ Out”

Taxis drive in the late evening traffic in New York City, New York. At 8 p.m., Joe Jackson plays the piano during his shift at the hotel. A car stops to let an ambulance through while the maid closes the door on a room. She dusts off the table and glances over at Jackson.

In the next room, a young woman looks in the mirror and leaves the room. The maid brings fresh towels into the room. She hangs a jacket in the closet and sees a dress. She stands in front of the mirror and puts the dress against her body. She spins by the bed and falls onto it, imagining herself in the dress and dancing with the young woman’s husband. Her husband picks a rose out of the vase and gives it to her. They leave the restaurant within the hotel as Jackson continues to play.

The maid puts the dress back in the closet and asks the young woman if she wants any towels. The young woman walks past the maid. The maid ducks out of the room.The second piano player (the husband) taps his pen against his chin. Jackson puts on his jacket and picks up a rose on the sidewalk. He places it in the bush.

Rating: 4/5

The maid picks up an extra shift at the hotel. She pushes her cart along the hallway and knocks on the doors. The wealthy young woman bumps into her and continues to walk. She murmurs a “sorry” and watches her as she turns towards the lobby.

She opens the door of the young woman’s room. In the bathroom, she picks up the designer compacts and lipsticks on the counter. Leaning into the bathtub, she sees the imported shampoo. It drops into the tub and she lifts her hands. She lets out a sigh of relief as she realizes none of it spilled.

As she cleans the tub, she thinks of herself going to the gala and flirting with wealthy men. She’d be polite and accept a date. However, she’d cancel at the last minute. She was only home for a short while. A private jet would be waiting for her once she checked out of the hotel. Although she knew it wasn’t possible, it helped her get through the day.

The young woman returns to the hotel room and the maid excuses herself. The young woman looks her up and down. The young woman points to the bed and asks for some sheets. The maid nods and says to her it will be about 10 minutes. The young woman shakes her head and whines, “I’m so tired!” The maid says she’ll be there as soon as she can.

Director: Steve Barron Year: 1982

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