Video Review: Ruff Endz “No More”

One of the young woman says to her friend, “Girl, I don’t know about you, But what we need is to get them credit cards, max them out and gets us some fly gear.” The young woman with the pigtails adds “and some more ballers to get some more cheddar.” David and Dante see the two young women leaning against the car. They walk to them and talk for awhile.

David drops them off at the mall. Dante and David hand them their credit cards.

David and Dante sing in a copper painted room while women dance in gold outfits.

David, Dante and some dancers perform a routine in the parking structure.

The female sales clerk side-eyes the two young women as they walk in and tap the credit cards together. A male sales clerk asks them if they need any help.

David and Dante drive by themselves.

Two young men check out the women as they shop. The male sales clerk carries the multiple tops and dresses in his arms. The female sales clerk smirks as both credit cards decline. The second young woman tells off the clerk. The female sales clerk hands her the phone. The second young woman calls David. David talks with her and hands the phone to his new girlfriend. The young woman gives the phone to her friend. Her friend listens as Dante talks to her. The female clerk hits the “no chickenheads” button behind the counter. Security escorts them out.

One of the young women curses at the security guards while on the sidewalk. They stick out their thumbs at the traffic stop. A fiftysomething man stops and licks his lips as they lean into his window. He shakes his head and drives away.

Rating: 3.5/5

David reads the e-mail on his computer, alerting him of the thousands of dollars charged onto his card. He calls the credit company and asks them to freeze his account. He asks them to send them a new card. Dante sends him a text, asking him if he received a message from the credit card company. They had warned the women to buy a few things. Dante says he’s worried his credit may be ruined by it. David tells him to dispute the charges.

The young women demand the female sales clerk to pay attention to them. One of the young women accuses her of being jealous and states that she’s a pop star’s girlfriend. The female sales clerk informs other customers have been waiting. The two young women say they are contacting corporate and getting her fired. The sales clerk opens the stockroom door and lets the manager know customers are harassing her. Her manager says she’ll call security.

The young woman says she wants the phone. As it rings, the female clerk she has to answer it. The young woman stomps her feet and tells her to give her the phone. She talks on the phone with the customer for about 10 minutes and then gives the young woman the phone. The young woman tells David if he can increase his limit. He tells her he wants nothing to do with her. The second young woman snaps her fingers and says she’ll talk sense into Dante. Dante tells her they are done.

David reads over his bank statement and shakes his head. He shouldn’t have given the young woman his card. He ended up overdrafting on some bills. He wouldn’t be getting another paycheck for two weeks. Dante exclaims on the phone that he’s going to talk to the bank. They put him in debt and he’s scared he won’t be able to pay back the charges. David says he’s going to ask his parents for a loan. He hangs up the phone and rubs his forehead. It was a huge mess.

Director: N/A Year: 2000

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