Video Review: The Chainsmokers “Kills You Slowly”

A crew member clicks the clapboard. Drew sits on the chair and puts his head in his hands. The clocks on the wall melt. He calls his girlfriend on the telephone. As he talks, a second version of himself makes a drink for himself.

Snow falls in the forest as Drew sings. Alex plays the piano while the Matt headbangs while on the drums.

He walks into the home of his girlfriend’s parents. He sits next to her and he gives her a kiss. She pulls away from him. He stands by the table and watches her eat with her family. She stands up and screams at him. Birds fly into the dining room. She continues to shout at him as he leaves.

Back in the forest, Matt and Alex pause at their instruments. Drew puts his hands in his pockets and shuffles from side to side. Alex brushes the snow off his jacket and follows Drew as they walk off the set. Drew opens the door of the hearse and lets Matt and Alex in first. Drew shuts the door.

Rating: 2/5

Drew tells his girlfriend’s mom that she made a wonderful dinner. She thanks him and asks him about their marriage plans. His girlfriend cringes and responds that they haven’t made any decisions yet. Her father says Drew is like family. Drew explains they’ve been so busy with work. Her mother says it’s such a special milestone in their lives.

In the car, his girlfriend tells him they might as well just get married already and make everybody happy. Drew says she’ll start about grandchildren next. His girlfriend snaps that she doesn’t want kids. He responds that it was only a comment, not a suggestion. She sighs and shakes her head.

Back at home, she pours wine into a glass and watches television. He texts on his phone and glances at the television as he sits on the couch with her. He waits for a text from a young woman. They’ve been talking. She only wants to stay friends, which disappoints him. Her messages keep him going. She says she’s going to bed. He follows her. They have sex and turn away from one another.

Directors: Jordan Wozy & Lucas Taggart Year: 2019

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