Video Review: Jonas Blue & Sabrina Carpenter “Alien”

Sabrina Carpenter sits on a white pedestal. A thin screen shows her turning her face. She rests her face on the glass. Two small squares feature her face over her head.

Against a teal background, she sings with red painted lips.

Against a caramel background, she puts a magnifying glass over her eye as she lies down.

Against an ivory background, several squares of her crossed arms and lips dot the screen.

Two screens feature her upside down.

Two squares, with her face in silhouette and her eyes uncovered, are featured over her body.

While she sways her head, the reflection is caught on a row of glasses.

Two screens feature her face in silhouette, with her only her eyes uncovered. The center square focuses on the lower half of her face.

She stares into the cracks of the glass table.

She dances and levitates against the ivory background.

A collage of the squares fill the screen.

She swings her leg as she sits on the pedestal.

Rating: 5/5

Sabrina Carpenter walks barefoot on the pavement in Rome, Italy. Her crush helps her with her backpack. She puts her hand on his shoulder as she puts her shoes back on her feet. He takes her hand as they walk to a cafe. She says sits in the chair and rests her feet on his lap. He orders their meals in Italian. She comments that she wants a dessert.

While they eat, a young Italian woman smiles at him. He excuses himself to talk to her. She drinks her wine and looks around. Her crush has had a romance in every country they’ve visited. Her favorite was the Greece girlfriend. The Greek young woman tried to get to know her. They started hanging out without him. The Greek young woman said he talked about her the entire time. She and the Greek young woman exchanged phone information.  The Greek young woman asked for details about their trip.

The Greek young woman responds with an eye-rolling emoji. She adds that he’s not getting it. Carpenter says she wants to say something but then falls for another girl. The Greek young woman says it’s just a distraction. She watches as he and the Italian young woman walk to the hotel.

While on the Metro, she looks out the window. He looks up from his guidebook asks her why she isn’t talking. She says she loves him but he doesn’t seem to care. She shrugs, saying it’s a moot point. The guidebook drops from his hands.

Director: Alexandra Gavillet Year: 2018

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