Video Review: Illenium & Bahari “Crashing”

An ambulance, with bright orange lights, arrives to the accident on the road. in the middle of the night. The police inspect the damaged car. Natalia and Ruby sit in the back of the ambulance.

A car speeds along on the road. A young woman covers her face. A head-on accident occurs with the second car. The young woman flies out of her car and stands in the street.

A young man stands on the other side of the street. The car accident replays again and he gets thrown in the air. The young man and woman see each other and walk to one another. They hug.

The cars move in reverse, repairing themselves.

Rating: 4/5

Natalia is lucky to be alive. She survived the crash with only a scratch. Her boyfriend wasn’t as fortunate. Ruby holds her her hand and says it’ll be okay. She lost her friend, too. Natalia stares at her and then looks at the two crashed cars.

Natalia fought her boyfriend every step of the way. She was responsible for the crash. She knew he was in love with Ruby’s friend. She believed he would slow down and choose her. However, he careened towards the other car. He had tried to turn.

Ruby explains that it all happened so fast. Her friend continued to keep going. She had asked her to stop. Her friend had told her it didn’t matter anymore. She can’t even say why she’s here and her friend has passed. Natalia says they both wanted to be together and it was the only way.

Ruby’s jaw drops and she says “that was him in the car?” Natalia nods. Ruby thought it was over. She had warned her friend not to get involved with a guy who was in a relationship. As far as she knew, her friend had left him. Natalia adds that he was still talking to her up until the crash.

Natalia gives her statement to police and asks to go to home. Ruby touches her forehead and says she doesn’t feel good. Natalia watches the ambulances turn on their sirens and take her boyfriend to the hospital.

Director: Joshua Lipworth Year: 2019

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