Video Review: Kelly Rowland “Forever And A Day”

On the tablet screen, a photo of Kelly Rowland appears on the lockscreen. A young woman presses the tab to open her device.

Four icons line up on the screen. She presses the third icon.

Within the third icon, Rowland dances on the rooftop. The young woman zooms in on the video and watches it. She swipes to the second icon. In the second icon, she dances with her friends in the street.

The young woman taps the screen. Rowland stands in the center of a convertible. The young woman zooms out. She switches to another tab. Rowland sits on the steps with her friends and dances in place.

The young woman returns to the menu and chooses the first tab. Within the first tab, Rowland and her friends dance on the rooftop at night.

Rating: 3.5/5

The young woman searches for the pre-sale code for the concert. She refreshes the website, waiting for the number in the queue to go down. Once it’s her turn, she snatches up front row seats. It was about $500. However, she’d been saving up for it. She had spent a total of $850, which included merchandise. She was currently waiting for her shipment of a cell phone case and a tote bag.

She opens her tablet, which has Rowland on the lockscreen and flips through the multiple videos she collected. Rowland’s music had helped her through a rough time. At a meet-and-greet during the Simply Deep era, she was able to tell her what she meant to her. Rowland had thanked and told her to remain strong.

A message on the tablet reads: “20% battery remaining.” She plugs it into the charger. Her boyfriend asks her to watch some television with him. She says she’ll be right there. He puts his arm around her and asks if she was able to get the tickets. She responds “yes.” With a smile, he turns to her and says, “I’m going to become a hardcore fan whether I like it or not.” She laughs. He says that at least she’s into music and not spending it on stuff that could make her sick.

Director: Sarah Chatfield Year: 2010

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