Video Review: Chris Brown “Undecided”

At night, the waves crash below the pier. Chris Brown runs to a gate and breaks the chain. He opens the gate of the amusement park. With a flashlight and a detector, he walks past the rides. The detector beeps at a bench. He sits down on the bench and pulls the string of the balloon. Through a violet hole, a young woman (Serayah) smiles at him. He lets go of the string and reels from shock.

He tugs at the string again and the balloon flies in the air.

They sit on a bench together near the Pacific Park ride.

Brown stands on a Parisian lit pier.

He follows her as she walks to her friends. She and her friends perform a dance routine. He walks into her friends as they perform and takes her hand. They ride a rollercoaster and play games. She wins a teddy bear and gives it a 13-year-old girl. A young man breakdances on a blanket and Brown gives him some money. They continue to dance.

Their friends hang out together on the pier. Brown and the young woman smile at one another. They dance as the sun rises. It returns to nighttime as Brown and the young woman run back into the park.

He sits on the bench and runs off.

Rating: 5/5

Chris Brown checks the chain of the gate. It was still broken from the last time he was there. He walks in and searches for the balloon. He finds the bench and sees it has disappeared. Using his flashlight, he searches behind the counter of the games. He looks up at the first drop of the rollercoaster. A security guard asks him what’s he’s doing. He puts his hands up and says he had lost something and wanted to get it. The security guard pulls his by the arm and says they are going to the office.

The alternate timeline is the one he should be living. He knows that now. She had offered him a chance to stay. However, he believed he would run into the young woman eventually. Life in the balloon was an example of how his life could be. It was something to achieve.

His current life had been in shambles since he visited the alternate timeline. He had gotten evicted from his apartment and his girlfriend broke up with him. He had been late for work several times and written up. The police officers put handcuffs on him. As they walk him to the car, he views the balloon flying out of reach. He continues to watch it hover as they put in the car.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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