Video Review: TLC “Red Light Special”

A few men sit a poker table with several shirtless men beside them. Chili lays on a sofa. Left Eye slumps on the chair while two men lean against it. T-Boz snaps her fingers as she sits in her chair in her room.

In black-and-white, Left Eye walks to the poker table and nods her head next to T-Boz. Left Eye talks to Chili.

T-Boz sits at the pool table as a young man (Boris Kodjoe) kisses her leg.

Back in black-and-white, Left Eye shuffles the cards at the table and deals them. Left Eye and T-Boz gamble all their chips. Chili takes off her jacket in the bedroom. One of the young men folds and Left Eye instructs him to take something off. He gives his feather boa to Chili.

During the second game, T-Boz puts her fingers on her forehead. Left Eye wins. A second young man helps T-Boz take off her jacket. T-Boz wins the third game and the second young man takes off his pajamas.

In color, Chili dances with a young man playing the guitar in her bedroom.

Back in black-and-white, Left Eye rolls up sleeves at the poker table. T-Boz pulls another man to her. Left Eye turns over the table.

In color, T-Boz sits on her chair.

Rating: 4/5

Left Eye throws out several young men for not following the rules. T-Boz takes her aside and says they are regulars. Left Eye handwaves it and says they got too comfortable. T-Boz says she was okay with it. Left Eye says it doesn’t matter.

Back in her bedroom, T-Boz sits in her chair and waits for the next young man. He’ll be spending the night with her. She’d had been with him a few times. He was a gentleman. She had asked him about his girlfriend. He said they working things out. However, he didn’t it last much longer. She leaned into to him and asked why. He responded with “you.” T-Boz says she’s unavailable. He raises his eyebrows and says “not for long.” She gives him a playful punch on the arm and tells him to stop. He tells her it’s a possibility.

Chili kisses the young man as he plays the guitar. He blushes and drops the guitar. Chili giggles and tells him not to be embarrassed. He says he wanted to impress her. Chili says there’s no need for it. He says a young woman like her deserves some romance. She says falling in love isn’t an option. He says none of his girlfriends match up to her. Chili explains she’s a fantasy and nothing more. He says it wants it to be a reality. She says he’ll find someone but it can’t be her.

Director: Matthew Rolston Year: 1995

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