Video Review: Mark Ronson & Yebba “Don’t Leave Me Lonely”

Yebba sits on a chair on the road while Mark Ronson plays the keyboard. Lights turn on in the apartments across the street. A violet tint covers the sky while people watch them from the bridge. Tears shine in Yebba’s eyes as the sky turns a Parisian blue. As she stands, she sees rows of people in the sunlight dance and turns her back.

Rating: 3.5/5

Yebba’s lips twitch as she looks through the crowd. He wasn’t there. She believed he would be in the final row somewhere. She puts her hand on her mouth as Mark Ronson holds her. She says that he must be late or that he didn’t know. Ronson says they’ll give him some more time.

She sits on the chair and looks at the skyscraper across the street. Pointing to it, she tells Ronson they met in the cafeteria while on break. They started scheduling their lunches together. He asked her to go to a work outing with him and they ended up getting really drunk. He had refused it to call it their first date and took her out to dinner a few nights later.

She turns around and glances at the row of the people. Between the first two rows, a young man walks to her. Yebba gulps and grins at Ronson. She tells Ronson she’ll talk to him later. The young man strokes Yebba’s hair and asks her if she’d like to get some breakfast. She shakes her “no” and tells him she’d rather take a walk. He waves to Ronson and tells a joke in her ear.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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