Video Review: Tori Kelly “Dear No One”

Tori Kelly sits on the windowsill of her apartment. She sits on her couch.

While walking down the street, she smiles at someone.

In her apartment, she turns her as she spots a young man walking past her.

She stands on the rooftop and looks at the city.

As she walks in the city, she sees couples kissing. She turns and looks for the young man. He crosses the street while she runs her hand along the fence. He walks up the stairs. She follows him up the stairs and sees him on the rooftop. She puts her hand on his shoulder. He turns to her and evaporates into the air.

Rating: 2/5

Tori Kelly opens her new bedding and puts it in the wash. She takes a chocolate bar out of the refrigerator and watches her favorite show for an hour and a half. She puts the wrapper in the wastebasket by the couch and washes her hands. It would drive her crazy if she lived with a messy boyfriend. She’d see a used towel on the floor or a dirty dish and freak out on him.

Some guys have expressed interest in her. However, she turned them down, telling them she wasn’t looking for a relationship at the moment. Her friends had told her to find a new line. But it was the truth. She wanted to be by herself. An ex-boyfriend had tried to control every aspect of her life and she valued making her own choices.

There was one guy she liked. She had seen him at the bagel shop after classes. They said hello and talked about school. She thought she saw him in the elevator, going up to the fifth floor. Whenever she returned home from school or work, she hoped to run into him.

She had been rushing into the lobby, her backpack sliding down her shoulder and raced to the elevator. Seeing the dark hair, she was relieved to finally see him. She held out her hand and introduced herself and asked him about school. The thirtysomething man says she must’ve mixed him up with someone else.

Director: N/A Year: 2013

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