Video Review: Boy Meets Girl “Bring Down The Moon”

Papers fly near the cornflower blue lit electrical lines. A train rolls past the rose pink lit bridge. Waves crash to the shore. Two goldfish swim in a bowl. A beach ball flies in the air.

George and Shannon walk on the train tracks. George holds onto his bicycle.

George looks up at photographs of them together.

George and Shannon cuddle. He makes the bed.

Lit in navy blue, they stand back to back and turn.

They take a drive.

He leans against the arch while she walks through it. She lifts up the hood of the engine and waves away the smoke. They walk barefoot on the sand. She leans over him, putting her hands over his shoulder as he looks at a piece of paper. He changes a tire while she carries a suitcase. She sits on the ground and tosses out the clothes.She holds a camera.

At the cemetery, she touches a tombstone while he walks on the grass. They walk to a gas station.

Rating: 3/5

Shannon watches the road as George changes the tire. She calls out that some tools may be in a suitcase. He says he doesn’t think there’s any as he puts the old tire in the backseat. She rifles through clothes and finds a camera. She takes a picture of him as he leans against the car. He puts his hands on her hips and hugs her.

George shields his eyes and asks if she wants to see her grandma at the cemetery. She says yes. He allows her some time to talk to with her and waits by a tree. She walks to him and links her arm in his. He mentions that he may has some family here. She says they may be on the other side. He says she’s right.

He puts his arm around her. She never took his forgetfulness personally. It was a part of him. He had accepted she was going to change her mind all the time. They knew they could rely on one another. She’d help him remember and he won’t be afraid to take a different turn.

She says she’ll pick up some snacks in the gas station. He tells her he’ll be at the pay phone. She gives him some of her change. He checks on her as she walks inside and dials the babysitter. Through the glass, he keeps on an eye on the twentysomething man glancing at her. The babysitter says she can stay overnight. He says hopefully they’ll be back before then.

Director: Alex Proyas Year: 1989

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