Video Review: Lizzo “Cuz I Love You”

In black-and-white, Lizzo sits in a confessional. She talks to the young man through the window. A line of young men wait to speak to her.

She stands at the altar and speaks to the group of young men. Walking in front of the altar, she touches the shoulder of a young man and puts her hand on her chest. Tears roll down the young men’s faces as they listen to her.

As she stands in a field, the young men sit and look up at her.

Rating: 5/5

Lizzo preaches to the young men to not to be dismissive of a woman’s vulnerability. She explains that she once allowed herself to be feel in front of a man. However, he ignored it. She closed herself off and refused to open up to anyone again. A second young woman walks to the lectern and reads from a journal of a twentysomething young woman. She closes the journal and says “in her name.” The young men repeat the phrase.

During the Mass, she says they will be forgiven by women if they change their ways. The young men sob as they think of what they have done. She starts a prayer and they say it unison. She ends the service by telling them to have a great Sunday.

She shakes the hands of the young men as they leave the church. A third young man says he’s been changed by the sermon. A fourth young man promises her he’ll be better. She sits at a table with some of the young men and drink some coffee. A fifth young man asks her out. She says she’s celibate now and no longer has the patience of a relationship.

Lizzo helps clean up. The young women tell her she has inspired them to break up with their boyfriends. They ask her about the next diary study. She says she’s going to attend and perhaps some men might be there. The young women smile at one another. Lizzo tells them to have a blessed day as she leaves.

Director: Quinn Wilson Year: 2019

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