Video Review: Alessia Cara “Rooting For You”

Three young women, wearing cheerleader uniforms, perform a cheer on the soccer field. Alessia Cara walks in a garden.

A young woman waits for her boyfriend on the steps of her home. He walks up to her, apologizing. A message reads on the screen reads: “when he shows up an hour late.”

A thirtysomething man yells at his television and throws some popcorn at it. A message on the screen reads: “when they keep losing.”

A fortysomething mother sighs as she sits on the couch. Her 16-year-old daughter walks down the stairs, wearing a crop top and short shorts. The message reads: “when she’s not your little princess anymore. “

A 15-year-old young woman stands in the front of the mirror, trying to fix her frizzy hair. The message reads: “when your hair has other plans.” A twentysomething young woman looks at the tattooed man in her bed next to her. The message reads: “when you realize you made a huge mistake.”

Cara lies on the circular flower bed.

A second thirtysomething young woman stares at her batch of overcooked cookies. The message reads: “when you ‘don’t need’ the recipe.” A second twentysomething young woman hits her head against her seat in the car as the engine smokes. The message reads: “when you refuse to get a new car.”

A fortysomething man sighs as his 17-year-old daughter stands in the kitchen. The messages reads: “when they can’t do anything right and always let you down.” Cara drops her laundry in the room. A sign over the machine says “out of order.” A message reads on the screen: “when nothing works.” Cara stands on the washing machine.

Cara performs on stage. She raises in the arms in the empty stadium.

Rating: 2/5

The second thirtysomething woman pulls into the grocery store parking lot at 7:45 a.m. She rushes into the bakery aisle and grabs a container of cookies. At her work potluck, she puts the store bought cookies next to the homemade pie. One of her co-workers shakes her head and tells her that she was supposed to make something. The second thirtysomething woman says she tried but she burned the cookies. She couldn’t bring them in. Taking out her phone, she shows them pictures of the cookies as proof. The co-workers remarks “Wow. It wasn’t an excuse.” The second thirtysomething walks back to desk and logs into her computer. Nothing was good enough for co-worker.

The fortysomething mother asks her daughter to change into something appropriate. Her 16-year-old shrugs and says she spent her own money on the outfit and doesn’t intend on returning it. Her mother shakes her finger. telling her she’s going to talk to her father. Her 16-year-old rolls her eyes and says she’s growing up. She tells her mom that she’ll be home by 11 p.m. She texts her friends that her mother has become really controlling.

The 17-year-old young woman tells her dad that she wasn’t able to find his mug. It was in a different area. Her father mutters, “might as well do it myself.” She mentions to him that last night he forgot to take the dog out. She had to get up at 3 a.m. and leave him out. He says he wasn’t aware of it. She says she’s exhausted and is going to get ready for bed. He tells her goodnight and whistles for the dog to come to him.

Director: N/A Year: 2019

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