Video Review: No Doubt “Sunday Morning”

Gwen, Tony, Tom, Adrian and Eric perform in the garage. Gwen spots her ex-boyfriend (Terry Hall) walking past her house. He walks up to the driveway and stares them as he sits on a swing. She continues to sing into the microphone as she sits on a chair and changes her shoes. She stops singing and walks to the grocery store.

Tom throws his hat to Gwen’s ex-boyfriend and walks into the house. He gets out a pot and boils spaghetti noodles in it. Gwen buys tomato sauce at the store. Adrian carries the plates and forks into the backyard. He puts the tablecloth on the picnic table. Tom and Tony say hello to Gwen as she walks into the kitchen. Tony cuts onions while Tom makes the sauce. Gwen talks with them as she slices the tomatoes. She lets out a gasp when she cuts her finger. She runs her finger under the sink. Tom feeds Tony a noodle. Tom drops the pot of spaghetti.

Gwen carries out a fresh pot to the picnic table. Tom puts spaghetti on her dish. Gwen puts salad on Tony’s plate. They toast to one another. Adrian throws rolls at Gwen as her ex-boyfriend watches from the swing. Gwen throws spaghetti on Tony’s face and wipes it off. They dump spaghetti on Adrian. Tony chases Adrian around the backyard.

Rating: 5/5

Tony’s stomach rumbles and he asks the band if they are hungry. Gwen says she could go for a hamburger. Adrian responds he wants chicken. Tom suggests pizza. He asks if they are okay with going to a restaurant. They say “yes” and decide on a restaurant.

At the diner, Tony chats with one of the servers. Adrian gets out of his table basketball game. Gwen cheers as she wins. As Gwen eats her soup, she tells Tom his spaghetti was really good. Tony adds that he liked the sauce and asks if anything was added. Tom says he put in oregano. Tony says he’ll have to put it in again for the next time. Gwen comments that her ex-boyfriend wouldn’t leave. Adrian says they would’ve kicked him out but they weren’t sure how she felt. Gwen responds that she doesn’t want to talk to him anymore.

Back at Tom’s house, they see her ex-boyfriend still sitting in the swing. Tony, Tom and Adrian ask him to leave. He protests that he has to talk to Gwen. Tony says Gwen wants nothing to do with him. Her ex-boyfriend smirks and comments that “of course, you’d defend her.” As he walks away, she sits in the car. She gets out of the car once he’s out of sight. They ask her if she’s okay and she tells them she’s all right.

Director: Sophie Muller Year: 1997

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