Video Review: Ed Sheeran, Camila Cabello & Cardi B “South of the Border”

In London, England Scarlet Jones (Alexis Ren) applies lipstick and walks into a lounge. She watches Teddy Fingers (Ed Sheeran) perform on stage. As she sits down at a table, Agent X (Paul Kamiryan) scans her with his computerized eye. The computer discovers her mission: stealing the ruby red necklace.

She sits next to Fingers at the bar and shakes out her hair. As he talks to her, she slips something in his drink. He drinks it and passes out in her arms. She heads into the library and takes the key from underneath his shirt. She finds the necklace and knocks him over. Agent X dashes into the room and realizes the necklace is missing. He watches her leap from the ledge.

He chases her as they speed along the road. She parks the car and he tries to look for among the group of women dancing in red dresses. In her car, he finds a piece of paper with her location.

At an outdoor bar in Sayulita, Mexico, Mariposa (Camila Cabello) puts the rag over her shoulder and admires Agent X’s body while he swims in the water. She slides a knife over her mouth. Agent X kisses her hand. She takes him to another part of the beach and dances with him. He spots Jones on the pier and drops Mariposa. Mariposa calls Fingers.

Jones swims in the pool. Agent X catches up with her and finds her lying unconscious on the floor. Mariposa punches him while he looks around.

Fingers views surveillance cameras at a unknown location. He focuses on Cardi B, talking to Agent X and Jones as they sit tied to the chairs. Fingers radios instructions to another agent. Cardi B releases herself from the rope and lets Jones free. Cardi B roots on Jones as she fights the other agent. Jones gives Agent X a kiss and runs off. Fingers and Mariposa stare at another.

Cardi B grabs the necklace and the radio. She rants to Fingers that “you know I’m crazy. I don’t know why you thought it was a good idea to kidnap me.” She mocks him for thinking he was like one of Charlie’s Angels. Mariposa grins as Cardi B calls him a name.

Rating: 3.5/5

Mariposa shrugs, telling Teddy Fingers they tried their best. Fingers exclaims that Cardi B turned on them and now they have two problems on his hands. He puts his head in his hands, saying he’s going to have a desk job once headquarters gets the report. Mariposa comments that she received a message from headquarters that they are keeping her in London. Fingers says it’s a shame that won’t be working on any missions together.

Agent X confessed to going rogue. He wanted the necklace for himself and had been offered money from the criminals. The other agents interrogate him about Fingers. Agent X says Fingers was able to track him. It was Mariposa who had actually tracked him. They ask him about Jones again. Agent X says he doesn’t know.

Fingers twiddles his thumbs as he sits in his boss’ office. He had cleaned out his desk beforehand and gave away his supplies. His boss informs that the mission had failed. They lost Cardi B as informant and Jones escaped. However, Agent X was captured and he gave up his intel. His boss recommends he transfer to a less demanding department. Fingers nods his head and thanks him for giving him another chance. His boss reminds him not many more are left.

Director: Jason Koenig Year: 2019

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