Video Review: Jessica Simpson “With You”

Jessica Simpson feels her way through the suds of a sink and washes the dishes. She flings some soap on the floor and carries a vase. She scrubs the floor and slaps another cloth on the Swiffer.

She bites on her glove and laughs.

A picture frame of her with then-husband Nick Lachey sits on a table. She turns on television and eats Chicken of the Sea tuna.

She leans against the wall of her dining room.

She takes a shirt off a hanger in her walk-in closet and lies on the floor with the laundry. She puts one of her shoes. In the closet, she fills the laundry basket.

She sits on the floor and eats some buffalo wings. She licks barbecue sauce off her fingers.

She swings the golf pool on the patio and almost falls into the pool.

She wears a pair of underwear over her eyes and laughs as she lies on the pile of laundry.

Rating: 5/5

Nick was going to be so ticked off! Jessica Simpson slides on the floor of the kitchen as searches for cabinets underneath the sink. She opens the cleaning closet in the dining room and finds the mop. As she mops, she notices the water is still on floor. She reads the instructions on the box and puts a second cloth on it.

She picks up the laundry in the family room and sorts it by color. As she loads the washer, she picks up the baking soda and bleach. She calls up her mom to ask her what she needs to do. Her mother walks her through the steps. The washer shakes as she walks past it. She calls her mom again to ask if it’s normal.

Sitting on the couch, she eats her some tuna and watches her soap operas. Nick opens the door and calls out “hi honey!” She responds that she’s in the family room. He asks her if she’s been watching television the entire time he’s been gone. She shakes her head and says she did some cleaning around the house. Nick tilts his head and asks her “where?” She points to the laundry room and kitchen. He kisses her on the lips and tells her she’s a good wife. He tells her he’s going to make himself a sandwich.

She turns her head when she hears a shout from the kitchen. Nick walks back into the family room and tells her that the sink is full of bubbles. She shrugs and says she thought they would’ve dissolved by now. He sighs and says he’ll get it.

Director: Elliott Lester Year: 2003

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