Video Review: Trey Lorenz “Someone To Hold”

Trey Lorenz looks out the window of his apartment. He watches as his crush argues with her live-in boyfriend.

He sits on the steps of the building.

She praises a 9-year-old’s work as she walks around in her art class. Wearing a tank top and jeans, she takes a walk in the city. A grandmother walks with her daughter and granddaughter. She talks with one of her friends as she passes by the stores.

He walks around in the sunlit gym.

She walks up the stairs to the street and picks up her laundry at the laundromat.

He stands against the fence of a rooftop.

He plays a game of basketball with his friends and crush. She sits in her apartment and stirs her coffee. He moves out of her way as she carries her groceries up the steps. She turns to stare at him.

Rating: 5/5

Trey Lorenz wipes his face with a towel and tells her “good game.” She says she wasn’t expecting to make the three pointer. He says that she’s been practicing it, though and it was matter of time. She ties her shoes and asks if he’ll be at the next game. He tells her he won’t be able to make it. His cousin is getting married. She says “congratulations” and mentions that she loves weddings. He asks her if she wants to go with him. She says she’ll go but there’s going to be lots of crying.

Lorenz walks to her apartment and rushes to his own. He turns on the radio and dances around in his family. A relationship may start with her. They had talked at the pickup games and said hello in the building. However, she had a boyfriend and he didn’t want to interfere. The boyfriend wasn’t an issue. He had watched them break up about a month ago.

At the wedding, he hands her some tissues. She smiles at him as she dabs her eyes and whispers to him that his cousin met a wonderful man. Lorenz says everyone in his family adores him. He asks her to dance at the reception. She puts her head on his shoulder during the ballad.

Director: Michael Borfosky Year: 1992

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