Video Review: 5 Seconds of Summer “Teeth”

Luke watches as the doctors clean their utensils and gather their notebooks in the exam room. The first doctor puts an mask on Luke. A second doctor puts a pill on Calum’s tongue and closes his mouth. Michael blinks as a third doctor injects a needle into his arm. A fourth doctor puts a white visor over Ashton’s eyes.

They wake up in their own nightmare. Luke paces in a room with smoke covering the floor. Against a Parisian blue background. Michael climbs an endless ladder. Calum, chained to concrete block, struggles to move it across the room. Ashton stumbles as he tries to stand in the copper-lit, floating tunnel.

Lit in scarlet red, Luke attempts to climb the wall. He bends over, catching his breath.

Ice blue lasers flash over the band as they play inside a warehouse.

Lit in lime green, Calum hits the concrete block with his guitar. In scarlet red, Luke watches a door open.

They continue to sit in the exam room.

Rating: 5/5

Luke gasps for breath. The first doctor checks his heart and ends the session. She takes him aside in a room and asks him about what he saw. He explains that he thought the white light was a trick. If it went through it, he would no longer exist. He couldn’t take the next step. She states that he has made progress and schedules him for another session. He says he quits. Reliving the nightmare over and over has only made his anxiety worse. He can’t stay anywhere longer than an hour. He could manage at least two hours before.

Calum opens his eyes and asks the second doctor how he did. In the room, the second doctor tells him he has passed. He has been able to let out his emotions. Michael says he got so angry and frustrated. The doctor assures him he was able to overcome it. He says there’s no need for him to come back. Michael shakes his head and says something still feels wrong. His doctor tells him he’s fine and it’ll take some getting used to.

Michael continued to climb and climb. He wanted to know where he was going. The third doctor ends the session. His doctor says he’s still following the rules and assures he can break them. Michael says he doesn’t want to jump. His doctor tells him that may be what he needs to do. He says another session is needed. Michael says he’ll be able to come back next month.

Ashton describes the young woman he saw in the tunnel. Her silent scream terrified him. However, he knew he had to keep going. He crawled and tried to stand up several times. His doctor tells him good job. Ashton says he’s afraid of being alone and if they can work on that next. The doctor replies “sure” and says they’ll schedule a second series of sessions.

Director: Thibaut Duverneix Year: 2019

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