Video Review: Pebbles & Babyface “Love Makes Things Happen”

In black-and-white, Pebbles and Babyface sit on a chairs against a swirling background.

A young man waves goodbye to his 2-year-old son and gives his wife, the first young woman a kiss on the cheek. He says goodbye to 10 and 8-year-old children sitting on the porch.

A few years ago, he took a seat on the train and looked up to see a brunette young woman wearing glasses. She takes off her glasses and laughs. While they were dating, he answered the phone at the restaurant. The brunette young woman takes off her glasses and stares at a fiftysomething man.

Pebbles and Babyface sit on the chairs against a navy blue background.

The fiftysomething man checks out a third young woman as she performs on stage. The brunette young woman with glasses glances over her shoulder and sees the fiftysomething man smiling. The fiftysomething man tells the third young woman he has to run into the gas station. The third young woman smiles at the fourth young man cleaning the window of the car.

The third young young woman crosses her arms as she sits on the fourth young man’s motorcycle. The fourth young man tells her he’ll take care of it and knocks on the door of the home. The fourth young man says hello to the first young woman as she opens the door. On their date, they look for a place to sit at the movie theater. She drops her purse and the first young man picks it up for her.

The first young man hugs his children as he returns home from work.

Pebbles and Babyface continue to sit on chairs against the navy blue background.

Rating: 5/5

The first young woman held the fourth young man’s hand as they watched the movie. From the corner of her eye, she watched the first young man leave the movie. She whispered to the fourth young man she had to go the restroom.

She walked into the hallway and looked for the first young man. He was waiting in the concession line. In line, she asks how he likes the movie so far. He says he’s only staying to see how much worse it gets. She says she has no idea what’s going on. He places his order and explains the plot to her. She offers to buy him some coffee. He asks her about her boyfriend. She tells him to give her a minute. The fourth young man asks if her if she’s okay. She says she’s not feeling good but she’ll call him later. He tells her to get well soon and he’ll let her know what happened in the movie.

She and the first young man dated for a year. While with him, she had no desire to flirt with someone else. He had told her about a young woman he met on the train. They had dated for a few months. He had to excuse himself due to an emergency. The fiftysomething man sitting across from them had moved to his seat. He didn’t bother to call her the next day. He hadn’t wanted another relationship until he saw her at the movie theater. It was love at first sight. He proposed to her on their one-year anniversary. Ten years later, he takes off work to attend science fairs and plans movie nights for the family. On a family night, she had picked the movie playing when they met. She and the first young man reminisced with their children.

Director: N/A Year: 1990

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