Video Review: MKTO “American Dream”

Malcolm and Tony stand in a walnut paint splashed warehouse.

A young woman points her toes against a ocean blue backdrop inside a studio. The camera flashes as a young man holds a paint can and his brush. A second man stands with his cello.

Tony plays the piano in an empty building covered in puddles.

A third young man stands with his sewing ruler. A second young smiles as she holds her basketball.

The second young woman dribbles her basketball as she walks in the city. The third young man sketches his new pieces. The second young man carries his cello in a case with him as he walks to the subway. The young woman carries her duffel bag as she walks in the city.

The second young woman practices her shots at the basketball court. The young man arranges his paint cans and brushes in the studio. The young woman stretches in the dance studio. The second young man holds onto the pole as he takes the subway. The third young man sews the material at his machine.

Tony and Malcolm perform with a band inside the empty building.

The second young man ties her shoes at the bench and ask the male players if she can join in their game. The young man splashes paint on the glass. The second young man sits down with his cello case. The second young woman smiles as she plays with the men. The young man rides in the elevator. The second young man places his sheet music on the stand and plays. The young woman performs in front of the judges.

The third young man carries a garment bag. The young man views his backdrop and grins. The third young man opens his look book and explains his designs to two prospective buyers.

Malcolm and Tony continue to stand in the walnut paint splashed warehouse.

Rating: 3.5/5

The young woman twirls in her solo debut. She returns to the wings and pats her face with a towel as she waits for her cue. Her male partner pats her on the shoulder.  Although she had practiced them for weeks, she worries she may not be complete the sequence on stage. She leaps in the air and he catches her. She touches his cheek and pirouettes. He turns towards her and puts his arms around her waist. The audience gives them a standing ovation as she stands with him.

Backstage, she drinks some water and grins. Her performance was good. She knew it. At the studio the next day, the director read out the review, which singled out as phenomenal and a star in the making. After class, the director tells her they have been getting calls and have set up a couple of interviews. He says she has to speak to human resources to set her up with a media training class. He tells her “fantastic job” and that he’ll see her tomorrow.

The third young man posts a celebrity wearing his dress. He responds to his fans regarding the design and how it was inspired. He turns on the television and watches the red carpet commentary. The commentator lists his dress as one of the best of the evening. The commentator adds that she wants to know everything about the designer. He pops some popcorn and watches the award show and puts his phone on silent.

In the morning, he sees that his voicemail and inbox are full. On his social media, he has gone viral on several platforms. He reads direct messages from celebrities, asking him to create a dress for him. His manager calls him and says his website just crashed from the all the orders. He says the workers are going to be working on overtime. He says he’ll post an announcement on his social media. He sits in the chair, with his phone, and takes a breath.

Director: N/A Year: 2014

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