Video Review: Saweetie “My Type”

Somewhere in the Bay Area of California, Saweetie plays a handclap game with her friend at the park. She laughs with her group of friends.

She dances with her friends by the table of food.

She sits on top of a basketball net.

Unopened bottles of Belaire wine sit on the table. Some of her friends play a game of dice on the picnic table.

On her phone, she watches videos of young men on Tik Tok. She swipes past two men.

A car swerves in a parking structure. She waves from inside a car.

Rating: 2/5

Saweetie talks with a former neighbor. Her former neighbor points to her boyfriend, playing a game of dice. Her neighbor comments that he’s going to lose all their money. She mentions she doesn’t have that problem. There’s an executive she’s been seeing. Her neighbor asks for a picture. She pulls out her phone and explains they met at the bar. However, she adds, she keeps getting direct messages from some desperate guys on Tik Tok.

She jumps rope with some of her friends from elementary school. They talk about their teachers. One young woman says she brought her jump rope with her. She claps and says she hasn’t done that in a long time. She and her friends jump rope. They plan to get together for lunch sometime next month.

Saweetie grabs some pie and wraps up leftovers for herself. She says she’ll meet them at the parking structure later. One of her friends says she’ll pick her up later. She says she wants to change and charge up her phone. On the way to her car, she texts her boyfriend and tells him he missed a good time.

Director: Daps Year: 2019

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